Don’t pick any … Dick or Harry (choose Tom!)

Content Marketing Tom, Self Portrait of Thomas Bliss
Welcome to my landing page for Recruiters

Nice to meet you! I am Tom Bliss

Welcome to the Next step! Take a seat, grab a cup of coffee (or a Tea, don´t forget Tea!) and you can read a little more about Me (not an egotistical autobiography but the boring truth of the thing). everything below is just a bit more background of where I have come from, If that’s not what you are looking for or need some concise information, maybe check out the link above to my LinkedIn profile, check out my Photography Portfolio or contact me by e-mail.

Where I came from!

The start of my content career

From high school, I had dreams of rock bands sound stages and bright lights! All of which happened in one way or another. Starting with Training in sound engineering, and taking an AV technicians job at my old school, fixing faulty equipment and best of all, running stage lighting and sound. moving on to college to study photography after I had been asked a few times to photograph shows at the local Little Theatre.

Lights Camera… Photography

From college, I gained weekly work experience at the local Newspaper honing my trade with Jane and Jo the staff photographers this lead to freelance work and later I was taken on by DE Photo an events company mainly covering children’s sports.

Ways of seeing

During my studies, I was awarded a merit in the Tetley Photographic competition and was offered a place on a graphic design BA

Re-train, re-wire, re-think

Leaving University with freelance work already rolling in It seemed my path was set, well with the additions of electrical training and Battle of the Bands competitions so I could rewire my grandparent’s house(as you do!) and live that sound stage dream! I was hungry for a new challenge that took me in a completely new line of business, Window and Door Repairs.

Content Marketing and Local SEO Improved my ROI

As part of a franchise network, My marketing was mostly dictated, but it didn’t always work! When I worked out that I could still get google to push leads my way without access to the official company website and it only cost me 30 minutes a week, I started using Local SEO mixed with content and backlinks to boost my marketing ROI reducing my monthly marketing spend by 50% and increasing my leads by 20%.

Up sticks and ship out!

To support my partner in her career we moved to Bern, Switzerland in 2018 and we are still there now! So I sold up and shipped out with a new vision in mind, It was time to go back to school and learn even more about marketing and online business so I started an MscBA in Online business and Marketing at HSLU.


So Many projects so much to learn!

Personal Projects

I Keep Exploring

“I Keep Exploring” started when I moved to Bern, Switzerland. This is where all my Landscape, Wildlife and culture photography is published. Mostly focused on Switzerland currently but now moving on to Germany, and when possible maybe further afield (loading…), to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Roller Derby News (RDN) - logo

Currently i am building a news website for the sport of Roller Derby

“What Is Roller Derby?” I hear you shout! well, it is basically a full-contact sport on quad roller skates.
The pandemic has put most of the news on pause, so the site is in development for now.

University Projects

One of the first projects presented to me at HSLU was writing blogs, recording podcasts and filming vlogs. For the first time, I had to be on the other side of the camera! It took a while to get used to it (i never got used to it). I still enjoy putting vlogs together and this project has influenced my path in marketing towards Video SEO.

I have been doing a lot of video projects and Marketing Research. One of my favourite projects was the 2019 TEDx HochschuleLuzern “UNFOLLOW” where I was the production team manager responsible for the catering, stage & AV, video production and streaming, health and safety Etc. (Busy Busy!). The event (not without its trials and tribulations) went very well and was enormous fun. The next one is going to be in May 2020 (The BIG 5).

Watch this video on YouTube.

The Influencer campaign research project for the Winter Universiade 2021 was another project that was good fun but again there was no time to waste! Meeting some local Influencers was fun and generated some relationships that have continued my Content Marketing journey such as Carmen Anna. I am currently working with Carmen to boost her Video SEO to broaden her audience to YouTube from Instagram.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Is That everything?

No there is plenty more to my work history but I doubt you want to hear about the cleaning job, Bar work, local shop, courier work, Pizza making, and (maybe the last two?). You can find more history on my Linkedin Page and if you want some of the stories that go with the experience then get in contact and I will fill you in!