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Other Photos by Tom can be found on one of these Instagram accounts

Ikeepexploring Instagram: Hobby Photography, Travel, Wildlife and Travel.

BlissImaging Instagram: Photography Projects By Thomas Bliss

Tom´s Love of Photography

Since the age of 5, I have had some sort of camera close to hand. My father First put an old Practica MTL5 SLR in my hand one day at my grandparent’s house. From there on, everything had to be documented with a photo.

When leaving school I was drawn to lighting for technical theatre and this eventually lead me back to my visual obsession of documenting everyone and everything but now I was learning at college, and shortly after starting, a local newspaper gave me the opportunity to get my first published images.

I was hooked and as my knowledge grew so did my curiosity for the world around me. Skip forward to today and there are very few days I don’t pick up my camera or anything else with a lens!

List of Publications that include my work