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Delicious Food Photography for foodies

Hopefully, you will find a photo of something here that gets your mouth watering! If not you had better get in contact for me to create some photos more suited to your flavours!

If only i had a kitchen studio to play in! I am always looking for new opportunities in visual communications and marketing so if you have a studio/kitchen you would like me to come to and photograph some of your culinary delights, why not drop me a line!

A passion for food

I have a passion for food, when I get a spare weekend you will find me reading my cookery books and attempting to be a better tempered Gordon Ramsey. Since starting my MscBA in Online Business and marketing in Luzern Switzerland, I have been reading a copy of TipTopf, a cookery book most Swiss Nationals will be well acquainted with from their days at school!

If you are looking for a recipe for delicious Irish Soda/Wheaten bread I can give you my (not so secret) family recipe. E-mail me letting me know what brought you to this page!

Delicious Soda Bread - food Photography needs recipes
E-mail me for the recipe!

TukTuk rice dish

Food Photography 1

If you like the look of the rice dish, I highly recommend you take a trip to TukTuk in Curitiba, Brazil. The food is amazing there, well worth a “short” detour from the sightseeing. I visited TUKTUK in 2018 and really enjoyed eating there! The rice was fluffy and the food was so fresh, it really had it all, crunch, smoothness, spice and cool cucumber! I will have to go back!

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